NCRS - What We Do, Who we are.


NCRS Tradition

The NCRS is known worldwide as the foremost authority on researching, studying, preserving, restoring and therefore teaching all things Corvette.  With over 30 Chapters around the world,  1953 - 2003 year specific  restoration manuals, monthly local chapter events, 6 Regional and one annual National Event, there are many ways for you to get involved to learn more about your Corvette. Nebraska is proud to have a local NCRS Chapter offering opportunities to participate with other Corvette owners in tech seminars, judging schools, driving events and social hours.  


We Teach To Learn

They say the more you know, the more you realize you actually do not know.  For over 40 years NCRS has been researching, studying, and learning about Corvettes.  And the more we learn, the more we understand that there is much more to learn.  If you are interested in buying your very 1st or your 50th Corvette, the best advice is to learn about a Corvette through judging multiple cars of that year before purchasing one. Others buy or inherit a Corvette and then learn about restoring it. Some want a family bonding experience and others want to make a future investment. Regardless, we look forward to sharing our experiences, knowledge and advice whether you are buying your very first Corvette, or have owned many. 


We Restore and We Preserve

We build relationships while building our Corvettes. While many think they need to ”hire out” a restoration, we have many members that have been down the restoration road already and are willing to give advice and technical experience.  During Tech Schools and Judging Seminars, you can learn from other Corvette enthusiasts how to restore or preserve your Corvette.  There is great satisfaction and pride that is gained from taking an original Corvette part and restoring it to like new instead of just buying a new imported part off of ebay.   


NCRS is more than critiquing rusty bolt heads

Some people have the wrong perception that NCRS is just old guys that want to criticize your Corvette.  That could not be further from the truth.  NCRS has the largest group of experts of any automobile marque that can help you learn more about how your Corvette left the factory in Flint, St. Louis or Bowling Green. And there is nothing that says you have to ever have your Corvette judged.  If you want to learn if your intake manifold bolts had TR, R  or LB on them, we can tell you.  If you like your chrome intake and Edelbrock Carburetor, thats cool too!  

NCRS is many different things - find the ones that interest you and pursue them to the fullest!


Flight Judging

NCRS is known for what is called "Flight Judging".  This is where from the local Chapter level, up to the annual National Convention, a group of Corvette lovers compare your car against a known standard of how your Corvette looked the day it was born.  We use knowledge built from 50 years of research that we publish in our Technical Judging Guide manuals and compare your Corvette with how it was built the day it left the factory.  You do not have to have a perfect Corvette to earn a Top Flight and you are not competing against any other Corvette.  Each car is judged against a known standard, so you do not need to be concerned if a better or worse car is being judged that day.  Every Corvette on the Judging field whether there are 1 or 100 that day for judging can earn a Top Flight.  Its not a competition with other Corvettes.  Whether your Corvette is perfectly restored or is old, original and tired, we love and appreciate them all for what they are and the stories they can tell.


Concours Judging for Modified Corvettes

NCRS now has a completely new division open for people that love their Corvette, but want to modernize and customize it to fit their personality and lifestyle.  In the old days, if you added Vintage Air to keep cool on a hot summer day, or put a set of vintage Cragars on your Corvette like you had back in the 1970's,  you stuck out at a NCRS show like a Mustang.  No Longer!  There is now a new award called Concours and it encourages customization and is rewarded with a ribbon similar to a Top Flight that is called the 327 or 427 Award.  If you have customized your Corvette, if it is a non factory color or even if it doesnt have its original engine, thats all part of the fun of the Concours class.   Again, you are being judged against a standard, not against another Corvette.  You will never find that the "buddy voting" that you hate at a local car show happens at a NCRS event.  Bring your custom Corvette and join the fun!